HGC to sponsor community projects for “Another Possibility” 2018.07.25

​HGC Broa​dband strives to achieve the corporate mission: “Embrace technology. Enjoy communications. Enrich your world.” Apart from continuously promoting the development of information technology enabling people to live better lives in a smart environment by empowering boundless communications, we is also actively involved in community projects to help the needy in the society. It includes providing support for students and teenagers with financial difficulties and help them better integrate into the society in the future as well as offering free broadband service to the elderly to improve their quality of life with “Another Possibility”. To know more about HGC broadband, please click here​

HGC Broadband presents"Yahoo Charity" Episode 12: A child suffering from brain tumor sees the world from home

HGC Broadband presents "Yahoo Charity" Episode 11: It is never too old to learn. Solitary elderly to fight against loneliness. ​

Sponsorship to "Principal Chan Free Tutorial World" to provide free learning support to the under-privileged children who have financial difficulties.​
Sponsorship to "Hong Kong Association for Speci​fic Learning Disabilities" (HKASLD) for upgrading both computer hardware and software of HKASLD, thereby improving the ancillary facilities for children diagnosed with specific learning disabilities.