International Calling Card
International Calling Card

International Calling Card

This service enables you to make international calls from Hong Kong to overseas, or from overseas to Hong Kong or to other countries. With our "International Calling Card", you avoid all the communications hassles you could face in an overseas country, such as the confusions and frustrations of a foreign language and different dialling procedures, and you also save costs by avoiding expensive hotel IDD surcharges.


  • ​​Ult​ra Convenience​​​​​​
    Clear voice instructions in Cantonese, Putonghua or English.
    Use any touch-tone phone​​

  • ​Ultimate Security
    ​You can change your PIN via any touch-tone phone by simply dialling 2089​

  • Competitive Calling Rates
    Avoid expensive hotel surcharges and local pay phone charges
    24-hour flat rates and cost-efficient tariffs
    Simple dialling procedures​​

Calling from Hong Kong to Overseas


Calling from Overseas


Change PIN Procedure


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