Enjoy seamless, secure Wi-Fi anywhere at home with “Wi-Fi 360” Service

“Wi-Fi 360” Service provides one-stop home and out-of-home Wi-Fi service. It enables your family to enjoy seamless Internet access anywhere at home, thanks to the adoption of Mesh Wi-Fi technology. 
With “Wi-Fi 360” Service, you can also enjoy out-of-home Wi-Fi service with our 29,000 Wi-Fi hotspots. Free installation is provided. 

Key strength of home Wi-Fi solution:
1. Seamless Wi-Fi access : Thanks to the adaptation of mesh Wi-Fi technology
2. Parental Controls
3. Remote monitoring and setup : manage the network with ease via the associated mobile app
4. Free antivirus powered by Trend Marco within contract
5. Guest Wi-Fi feature

*Unlimited hgc On Air service is applicable to the HGC Broadband customers only.

Other Information