30.06.2018 Event

HGC Broadband x Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong Music Tour

HGC Broadband x Sony Music Entertainment Hong Kong Music Tour, provides an opportunity for those who have a passion for music or are talented in music to go to Stockholm to learn music and interflow with local musicians.
Attendees include: Monitress Eman Lam, activist Jason Chan, model student Phil Lam, melancholy student Mishi Ip and philosophers Lil'Ashes.
The three winners can fly with these singers to Stockholm to learn to write songs and jam songs at the campfire. The winners will also be entitled to two years of free HGC broadband service.

Winners and their award-winning works

We are pleased to announce the winners of the HGC x Sony Music Music Tour contest. The winners and their submissions are:

Lau Hong Shing

Winner's submission: https://instagram.com/p/BiusPuchH60/

Lai Cheuk Nam

Winner's submission: https://instagram.com/p/Bib9ft-l3sJ/

Wong Yu Shan

Winner's submission: https://instagram.com/p/Bi4a6Onl40k/

These three winners will be going to Stockholm with popular artists Jason Chan, Eman Lam, Phil Lam and Lil'Ashes to learn song writing and jam songs besides camp fire.

Please go to Instagram and #HGC寬頻遊學遊樂團 to watch the entries.

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