AS Anti-Hacker
AS Anti-Hacker

AS Anti-Hacker

AS Anti-Hacker utilizes "4-way protection" that prevents security violation for computer data, privacy information and passwords. The protection level of your computer will be raised. At the same time it provides 1024-bit ultra secure encryption technology which excels over ordinary 18-bit encryption to ensure confidentiality whilst backing up and transferring data.


  • 24-hour automated system protection that keeps hackers at bay.
  • Automatic detection and warning for "fake and malicious websites" that stops hacker code on its way.
  • Provides "4-way protection" that raises the security level of your computer, including automatic verification of fake and malicious websites (IWDL), automatic barring of password theft (PEPG), automatic fast scan of hacker codes and automatic deletion of suspicious files.​
  • Usage is charged through a monthly fee without requiring you to purchase the software. During your usage period hacker code definition updates and software upgrades are free of charge.


​AS Anti-Hacker​Monthly Plan​$18

Other Information

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