AS Antivirus
​AS Anti-Virus

​AS Anti-Virus

AS Antivirus boost a unique "8-way protection" technology which periodically scan and repair the system for viruses from emails, internet browsing, ftp and streaming media that ultimately yields a comprehensive protection shield for your computer.


  • Integrated use of a variety of antivirus technology expands its diagnostic ability of known viruses.
  • Effectively protects your system from viruses, spyware, adware, trojan, malicious macros and other softwares that can potentially jeopardize the smooth operation of your system. 
  • Provides "8-way protection technology": File protection, email protection, malicious website detection, proactive protection, password protection, cleanup, encry​ption and deletion. 
  • New security highlights include password input protection (PEPG), malicious website monitoring (IWDL), 1024bit encryption, proactive protection and deletion of confidential documentation. 
  • Recommended and praised for its outstanding robustness by renowned overseas websites including PC World and Virus-Centre. 
  • Charged by monthly fee with no need to purchase the software itself, whilst free virus defini​tion updates and software upgrades are inclusive.​ 

​​​​ Charge​

AS Anti-Virus​​​Monthly Plan ​​$18 ​

Other Information

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