2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

Users often observe a drop in their home Internet speed when multiple devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. To tackle this problem, HGC created a 2.2G Fibre Broadband service plan to ensure that users have consistent access to optimized speed and connectivity.

4 sets of independent IP connections serving various purposes

2.2G Fibre Broadband service is delivered using 1 multi-port modem which supports 4 sets of independent IP connections: 2 sets of 1000M connections and 2 sets of 100M respectively. Together, they deliver a high download speed of 2200Mbps (2.2 Gbps) and an upload speed of 1000Mbps (1 Gbps). So for example if one family member was streaming high-definition videos or TV dramas online and another family member was streaming video games or uploading/ downloading documents at the same time, they would all enjoy the same stable and high Internet speed because all 4 connections are independent to each other. For online gamers, a stable and fast connection is especially important. HGC 2.2G Fibre Broadband service can certainly free you from the pain of a slow Internet service.

The two 1000M IP connections can be connected to devices with a higher Internet speed requirement, such as a 4K High-Definition Television, to ensure smoother motion. The other two 100M IP connections, can serve different purposes such as connecting to a Wi-Fi router for online gaming.

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2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

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