2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

Users often observe a drop in their home Internet speed when multiple devices are connected to the same Wi-Fi. To tackle this problem, HGC created a 2.2G Fibre Broadband service plan to ensure that users have consistent access to optimized speed and connectivity.

4 sets of independent IP connections serving various purposes

2.2G Fibre Broadband service is delivered using 1 multi-port modem which supports 4 sets of independent IP connections: 2 sets of 1000M connections and 2 sets of 100M respectively. Together, they deliver a high download speed of 2200Mbps (2.2 Gbps) and an upload speed of 1000Mbps (1 Gbps). So for example if one family member was streaming high-definition videos or TV dramas online and another family member was streaming video games or uploading/ downloading documents at the same time, they would all enjoy the same stable and high Internet speed because all 4 connections are independent to each other. For online gamers, a stable and fast connection is especially important. HGC 2.2G Fibre Broadband service can certainly free you from the pain of a slow Internet service.

The two 1000M IP connections can be connected to devices with a higher Internet speed requirement, such as a 4K High-Definition Television, to ensure smoother motion. The other two 100M IP connections, can serve different purposes such as connecting to a Wi-Fi router for online gaming.

2.2G Broadband hgc

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2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

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2.2G Broadband x Wi-Fi 360 Service ( 2 devices)



Minimum Subscription Period

36 Months

Average Monthly Fee

$189 /Month

  • 2.2G Broadband
  • Mesh Wi-Fi (2 Devices)
  • hgc on air

2.2G Broadband Service



Minimum Subscription Period

24 Months

Average Monthly Fee

$209 /Month

  • 2.2G Broadband
  • hgc on air

2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

Our 2.2G Fibre Broadband service subscribers are entitled to hgc on air service, which means you can have a fast and stable network even when you are not at home. Our subscribers can also extend their service to “Wi-Fi 360” with an additional monthly fee. Our “Wi-Fi 360” subscribers will receive two TP Link Routers, which build a Mesh Wi-Fi Network, creating a stronger Wi-Fi signal at home. With a Mesh Wi-Fi Network, you will experience stable Wi-Fi everywhere at home, a true “Wi-Fi 360” coverage. Whether it is browsing Facebook in the living room or streaming TV dramas in the bedroom, our 2.2G Fibre Broadband service integrated with “Wi-Fi 360” will deliver an all-around seamless Internet experience! No longer do you have to worry about dropped Wi-Fi signals or no reception. Read more about our “Wi-Fi 360" service here.

Wi-Fi Premium Service

Service includes:

  • Free Home Wi-Fi consultation service provided by a special sales team
  • Free On-site Installation Service by professional technicians; and Express On-site Maintenance Service within the next day
  • Free download of the user version of mobile app for home Wi-Fi to monitor usage and security
  • 24/7 technical support hotline service (Hotline No.1223)
  • Unlimited hgc on air outdoor Wi-Fi service

No registration is required for "Wi-Fi Premium Service"*. As long as you are an existing customer of "HGC 2.2G Fibre Broadband x Wi-Fi 360" bundle service package, you can automatically enjoy the service within the contract period without any additional charges. Read more about our “Wi-Fi Premium Service" here.

*Terms and Conditions apply.

Service Plan1

Minimum Subscription Period

Monthly Fee2

Installation Fee7

"Line for Four" 2.2G Fibre Broadband Service

24/ 30 months




Unlimited free hgc on air out-of-home Wi-Fi Service within contract period 5

Terms and Conditions

  1. “Line for four” broadband service offered by HGC Global Communications Limited ("HGC Global Communications ") at selected buildings provides a local maximum upload speed of 1Gbps and maximum download speed of 2.2Gbps (by the 1st and 2nd passive optical network modem ports of up to 100Mbps each and the 3rd and 4th passive optical network modem ports of up to 1Gbps each). The bandwidth refers to the maximum of the relevant bandwidth that may be achieved between a customer's premise and the first piece of HGC Global Communications ’ network equipment, which may be different from the actual speed performance that a customer may experience. The attainment of the relevant bandwidth depends on various factors including but not limited to HGC Global Communications network coverage, types of building infrastructure, usage levels, site traffic loading, type of content being accessed and performance and configuration of customers' computers. The bandwidth to overseas sites will also be subject to the conditions of local network there, and therefore the bandwidth might be even less. For further information on bandwidth availability to any particular building, upload / download speeds, or the terms and conditions of our services, please call HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline 1223.
  2. Offer is valid until 30 September 2022 and only applicable to new Customers at selected buildings and successfully installed the HGC Broadband Service. The Minimum Subscription Period is 24 months as the case may be. The Service’s offer is valid for 6 months from the signing of this contract (except myTV SUPER Service Plan). The service installation should be completed and the Service should be activated within the said 6 months; otherwise HGC Global Communications reserves the rights to change or cancel the special offer.
  3. 《Wi-Fi 360》 Service Plan (the "Service") support 100Mbps or above and selected service provision method of Home Broadband service. The minimum subscription period is 36 months. The Service will include unlimited usage of 《hgc on air》 service and HGC Global Communications shall install the relevant equipment to connect the Wi-Fi networks for Customer's use. The Service will be activated after confirmation of completion of installation by Customer. Customer shall need a device with Wi-Fi capability (IEEE 802.11 ac/n/a 5 GHz / IEEE 802.11 b/g/n 2.4 GHz) to access the Internet via Home Wi-Fi wireless connection with the modems. Otherwise HGC Global Communications Limited does not guarantee the provisioning of Home Wi-Fi service. The actual indoor coverage and speed performance of the Wi-Fi connection provided by the Service will be affected by such factors included the infrastructure in the installation address, decoration materials, devices, software, interference signals and bandwidth to overseas sites. For service details, please visit www.hgcbroadband.com.
  4. Each WiFi service location provides one or more WiFi hotspots. WiFi is applicable to designated WiFi service locations and hotspots. Number of WiFi service locations and hotspots quoted is based on service provider’s information. Each WiFi service location may include different numbers of hotspots. When the WiFi signal is weak or unavailable, service may automatically be accessed by mobile data and mobile data charge will incur based on user’s mobile service monthly tariff plan.
  5. Customers at selected buildings have to pay $180 broadband installation fee. The installation fee as mentioned above shall only cover the standard installation work. If, depending on the actual circumstances of the installation address, HGC Global Communications or its installation staff or contractor, in its absolute discretion, think that the installation work required will be out of the scope of the standard installation work (e.g. high-platform setup, opening ceiling, fixing promat, extra civil works extra, etc.), then HGC Global Communications shall have the right to impose on the customer an extra fee.
  6. The installation and the service provision of the Home Broadband/ Residential Telephone Line/ VoIP Service; and/or the installation and/or use of the other related devices may be adversely affected by the related technical, circumstantial and other external factors.
  7. The above offers shall be subject to the relevant terms & conditions. HGC Global Communications reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the above offers and service plans at any time without prior notice.
  8. HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC Global Communications”) shall have the final decision in terms of any dispute. For details, please enquire our salesmen or visit www.hgcbroadband.com/en/pages/terms-conditions.

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