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Effective 01-Oct-2018, the below listed rate per minute of the following destinations shall apply:

DestinationRate per minute (HK$)
BELGIUM - Mobile$4.70
NETHERLANDS - Landline$3.50
NETHERLANDS - Mobile$3.50


  • The above rate per minute is applicable for the standard tariff plan and calls or faxes made by IDD 0080/ 0082/ 0088/ HelloWay 0080/ International Calling Card/ International Call Forward/ Easytalk from Hong Kong to above destinations.
  • The IDD 0080 special offer currently subscribed for is still valid and customer can continue to enjoy discounts until the special offer period expires or further notice by HGC.
  • The IDD usage time is calculated on a minute per unit basis and will be rounded up to the nearest minute.
  • To enquire the standard tariff or special offer of other destinations, please call 2180 0080 for details.
  • The HGC IDD service is subject to HGC’s General Terms and Conditions as published from time to time.
  • The above services and tariffs are subject to HGC's final notice. HGC reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the above services and tariffs at any time without prior notice.

The service has been terminated from 1 Jan 2013.

Affected Service: International Calling Card & International Call Forward (ICF) Service
Affected Country: Sweden

  1. The Overseas Access Numbers of Sweden 202 790 996 stop service with effect from 15 March 2016.
  2. The Universal Access Number of Sweden has been updated as:
    > Tele Two: 007 + 800 0080 0080
    > Sweden Telecom: 009 + 800 0080 0080

For enquiries, please call our Customer Service Hotline 1223.

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