Ultra-fast transmission of 10G Home Broadband Service

  • Up to 10Gbps for upstream and downstream bandwidth. Boost up 10 times than 1Gbps (1000Mbps)*
  • Utilizes cutting-edge networking technology to achieve up to 10Gbps high-speed transmission

*Comparison based on bandwidth specifications

Strengths of 10G Home Broadband Service

10G Home Broadband Service breaks through the speed limit providing up to 10Gbps for upstream and downstream bandwidth. With HGC 10G Home Broadband Service, internet network becomes faster, smoother, and more stable helping you to create and achieve unlimited possibilities in digital world. The power of 10G Home Broadband Service can be unleashed and best demonstrated by transferring sizable files, streaming high-definition videos, or playing online games.

Brand New Wi-Fi 7 Technology

HGC collaborates with worldwide famous router brand TP-Link to provide Wi-Fi 7 router services. With the powerful 10G Fiber-to-the-Home broadband and the latest Wi-Fi 7 router, wireless network service experiences reach new heights. Wi-Fi 7 inherits the advantages of Wi-Fi 6E, offering seamless wireless connectivity with up to 320MHz bandwidth.

HGC 10G Home Broadband Service X
Wi-Fi 7

  • High-speed transmission to enhance work efficiency

The fast download and upload speeds of 10G Home Broadband Service coupled with Wi-Fi 7 wireless transmission allow users to share large files, use multimedia applications, and conduct video conferences simultaneously in ultra-smooth and stable network.

  • Tri-band Wi-Fi for stable connection

Wi-Fi 7 fully unleashes the potential of multi-band, offering tri band (2.4GHz/ 5GHz/ 6GHz), with 6GHz reaching up to 320MHz. It can distribute traffic among different devices effectively. Users can connect multiple devices concurrently without compromising on network traffic while enjoying the high-speed connection experience that 10G Home Broadband Service offers.

  • Entertainment experiences with low-latency

With the ultra-fast download and upload speeds of 10G Home Broadband Service and the low-latency Wi-Fi 7 technology, users can enjoy steady and smooth entertainment experiences in online gaming, immersive VR/ AR, 4K and 8K ultra HD videos.

TP-Link Wi-Fi 7 Router

Professional Specifications

TP-Link Archer BE800 BE19000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 10G Router

  • 2x 10Gbps ports + 4x 2.5Gbps ports
  • 8x optimized antennas for wide coverage
  • Multi-Function LED Particle Screen

E-sports Hardware

TP-Link Archer GE800 BE19000 Tri-band Wi-Fi 7 10G Gaming Router

  • 2x 10Gbps ports + 4x 2.5Gbps ports
  • Game applications, game devices, mobile games, and game server acceleration features
  • Powered by Quad-core processor with 2GB RAM

Terms and Conditions

  • Intel Core i5 CPU
  • 8GB system memory
  • Windows 11 Pro
  • Ethernet Card (10GBaseT)
  • 20GB storage, SSD and PCI-E interface

10G Home Broadband Service offered by HGC Global Communications Limited ("HGC Global Communications") at selected buildings provides a local maximum upload speed of 10Gbps and maximum download speed of 10Gbps. The bandwidth refers to the maximum of the relevant bandwidth that may be achieved between a customer's premise and the first piece of HGC Global Communications’ network equipment, which may be different from the actual speed performance that a customer may experience. The attainment of the relevant bandwidth depends on various factors including but not limited to HGC Global Communications network coverage, types of building infrastructure, usage levels, site traffic loading, type of content being accessed and performance and configuration of customers' computers. The bandwidth to overseas sites will also be subject to the conditions of local network there, and therefore the bandwidth might be even less. For further information on bandwidth availability to any particular building, upload / download speeds, or the terms and conditions of our services, please call HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline 1223.​

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