What is HGC NAS +?

HGC NAS+ is a multi-functional smart device. Its built-in file storage function mainly serves file sharing and synchronization which enables multi-connection to devices. You may use the QNAP's Mobile App to upload and share files with your family and friends instantly, even you are out.

You can enjoy movies and view photos with your family by connecting the HGC NAS+ to a smart TV. Enjoy the convenience of smart home, just like having a private theater at your home

The Advantages of HGC NAS+

  • Hassle-free
    • Free installation
    • Support maintenance and service consultation (supported by QNAP)
  • Data Protection, Convenience
    • Auto-synchronize / back-up the files / photos in iOS, Android and Windows devices to the NAS
  • Privacy
    • Lower risk of data leakage as comparing to iCloud / Dropbox, etc., which are using public storage or even third party server
  • Sharing
    • Enable recipients to view / download files from the NAS via an unique URL, within preset period and activity logs are available
  • Flexible
    • A family to share 1 NAS with settings of capacity and permission for each user
  • Reasonable cost
    • The Value-added service package includes 2TB data storage capacity at only just $109 monthly fee with 24-mth contract only
Service include Contract period Monthly fee
HGC NAS+ Service24 Months$109

《HGC NAS+》Service Terms and Conditions

  1. HGC shall provide the equipment to Customer for the provisioning of HGC NAS+ Service. Customer can use the equipment for free within the Fixed Contract Period including free warranty and technical support ("Support Service"). The Support Service is provided by the manufacturer or agent of such equipment. By accepting the Support Service, Customer agrees to the terms, conditions and privacy statements relevant to such service. Customer can obtain the relevant terms from the manufacturer or agent before accepting the Support Service. Upon contract expiry, Customer can keep the equipment; however, manufacturer or agent shall cease to provide Support Service for the equipment.
  2. HGC shall install the relevant equipment to connect the HGC NAS+ Service for Customer's use. The Service will be activated after confirmation of completion of installation by Customer. If Customer opts to use his/her own or a used router device to connect to the equipment for HGC NAS+ Service, Customer must follow HGC’s instruction in order to complete the service installation. Otherwise, HGC will not be responsible for any incompletion of service installation caused thereby.
  3. EQUIPMENT a. All Equipment are loaned by HGC to the Customer for free use during the term of the Agreement and shall remain HGCs’ property at all times; The Customer shall not, nor permit any other person to alter, remove, add to, or otherwise interfere with the Equipment or any identifying marks or numbers on the Equipment. b. Upon termination of the Agreement, Customer shall permit or procure permission for HGC to remove any of HGC’s Equipment from the Customer's premises. Customer shall be liable to HGC for any loss or damages to the Equipment.
  4. Service fee will be charged from the service activation date. All service fees are calculated on a full-month basis, except for the first month of the service which will be calculated according to the actual usage and days of service. Customer shall settle the amount as invoiced on or before the payment due date.
  5. For service termination, Customer can contact HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline 1223 to request for the relevant termination form, and return a copy of the filled form at least one month prior to the termination date (but not longer than two months) according to the instruction stated on the termination form.
  6. If after the signing of the Sales Agreement and before the expiration of the Minimum Subscription Period (also referred to as “Fixed Contract Period”) after the service agreement has been signed and, any of the service(s) subscribed by Customer indicated on the Sales Agreement (the “Service”) is / are suspended / terminated or the quantity of any Service is reduced (“Cancelled Services”) (i) by Customer for whatever reason; or (ii) by HGC due to Customer’s default, Customer agrees to pay to HGC an early termination charge of an amount equal to the sum of the aggregate of the monthly fee for the Cancelled Services for the remaining months of the Minimum Subscription Period, which shall be due and payable on the effective date of such cancellation or termination.
  7. If it is not feasible for HGC to provide during Fixed Contract Period broadband service at the relocated address, Customer needs to pay HGC the relevant charges according to the established mechanism and an additional $1700 being the cost of redemption for the HGC NAS+ equipment.
  8. Manufacturers or agents do not provide maintenance services in certain circumstances which include but are not limited to the following situations: the damage to the devices and accessories is caused by accident, misuse, liquid contact, fire or other external causes; or the devices and accessories are operated not for their permitted or intended uses as described by the manufacturers or agents; or the repair (include service upgrade and expansion) of the devices and accessories are performed by a person other than an authorized person of the manufacturers or agents. Maintenance work does not cover cosmetic damage, such as scratches or dents, or the normal wear or tear of the devices and accessories, and files (data) recovery. Please contact the manufacturers or agents for details.
  9. HGC technical support services only cover assistance in installation, activation and accessories setting (except for storing, retrieving, and managing files; interpreting system error messages; and determining when hardware service is required). HGC technical support services do not cover third-party products or their effects on or interactions with the devices and accessories or consumer software; consumer computer or operating system that is unrelated to consumer software or connectivity issues with the devices and accessories; damage to, or loss of any software or data residing or recorded on the devices and accessories; or recovery and reinstallation of software programs and user data.
  10. HGC will not provide technical support services for the devices and accessories that have been modified, altered, changed, interfered or removed. Devices and accessories manufacturers or agents will terminate all maintenance and repair warranty.
  11. Customer agree that the information provided to HGC can be used by HGC, its affiliated companies, agents and contractors for processing service application, installation and provision of service, credit assessments, billing, payment collection and customer services in accordance with the HGC Privacy Policy. HGC will protect your information in accordance with HGC Privacy Policy and Personal Information Collection Statement which are available for review at www.hgcbroadband.com.
  12. HGC is not responsible for any failure or delay in performing its obligations under the plan that are due to events beyond HGC’s reasonable control.
  13. Customer agrees to comply with the rules of service or support. Customer shall provide the information requested, including but not limited to the devices and accessories serial number, model, version of the operating system and software installed, peripherals devices connected or installed on the devices and accessories (if any), error messages (if any), and actions taken before the devices and accessories, and shall make sure to back up the software and data residing on the devices and accessories. Third party applications installed on the equipment may not be compatible with the equipment as a result of the software update. Customer shall be responsible for reinstalling all other software programs, data and passwords.
  14. HGC and its employees and agents will under no circumstances be liable to Customer or subsequent owners (if applicable) for any direct, indirect or consequential damages, including but not limited to costs of recovering, reprogramming, or reproducing any program or data or the failure to maintain the confidentiality of data, any loss of business, profits, revenue or anticipated savings, resulting from HGC’s obligations hereunder.
  15. Save and except for those cases where the fault is caused by HGC, HGC shall charge Customer HK$150 as inspection fee for all on-site inspection.
  16. HGC reserves the rights to make the final decision of the above terms and details.

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