Local HelloWay
Local HelloWay

Local HelloWay


Key Features​

  • Port-in your fixed-line number for a brand new experience
    You don’t have to be an existing HGC Global Communications' Customer to port-in your fixed-line number from any operator.  You can then use the fixed-line service through either data network or WiFi on your smartphone^ anytime.
  • Conveniently connected with simple plan offer
    Unlimited local calls (outgoing & incoming) are included in the plan. It is possible for your fixed-line number to display on the recipient’s handset. In addition, you can stay connected by mobile data or Wi-Fi connection in Hong Kong. Communication is that easy!
  • Enjoy the service with a bunch of valued-added service
    Local HelloWay uses Hong Kong Ring Tone and supports Per Line/Call Blocking. The plan has already included Offline Call Forwarding and Missed Call Alert functions. You can also add high quality IDD 0080 long distance calling service and voice mail service to ensure an unparallel communication experience as usual.​
  • ​​Join now with an affordable monthly service fee
    For just $18 a month, not only you can retain your fixed-line number, but also get rid of expensive monthly fee and long-term contract of other operators. Join now to enjoy a brand new Fixed-line on Mobile service!
​^The HelloWay application (the “App”) is a VoIP application, which can be downloaded to compatible devices supporting iOS (version 4.3 or above) or Android (version 2.3.3 or above) operating systems. The App only allows one access to one device at the same time. 

Local HelloWay Monthly Service Plan

​Monthly Fee​​​​Minimum Subscription Period​Services IncludeVoice Messenging 4 Monthly Fee​​​
$181​​​​​ 12months
  • Local Hell​o​Way Serv​ic​e
  • Offline​​ Call Forwarding​​​
  • Missed Call Alert
$3 (No Minimum Subscription Period)​​​

Offer Terms & Conditions:

  1. Local HelloWay Service (the “Local Service”) is only applicable to use within Hong Kong for connection with local Internet service providers providing Hong Kong IP Addresses. It is not allowed to use the Local Service for connection with Hong Kong IP Addresses outside Hong Kong or for connection with non-local IP Addresses within Hong Kong. If subscriber tries to bypass or cheat the related system(s) so that he/ she is able to use the Local Service outside Hong Kong, HGC Global Communications Limited (“HGC Global Communications”) reserves the right to charge the difference relating to the relevant service fees according to subscriber’s usage pattern.
  2. The Offer is valid until 31 Mar 2019. The Local Service must be activated within 2 months upon service subscription; otherwise HGC Global Communications reserves rights to change or cancel the Offer.
  3. Local Service Monthly Fee of HK$18 is applicable to customer who registers for the Local Service and is subject to a Minimum Subscription Period of 12 months. For termination of the Local Service before the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period, subscriber agrees to pay to HGC Global Communications an early termination charge which equals to the aggregate of the monthly fee for the Local Service for the remaining months of the Minimum Subscription Period. For termination of the Local Service after the expiry of the Minimum Subscription Period, subscriber shall give HGC Global Communications one (1) month prior notice in writing or via HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline 1223. Otherwise, the Local Service and all other value-added services subscribed will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis at the aforesaid monthly fee until further notice.
  4. Voice Messaging Monthly Fee of $3 is charged on a monthly basis (if applicable), and no minimum subscription period is applied. For termination of the service, subscriber shall give HGC Global Communications not less than seven (7) days prior notice in writing or via HGC Broadband Customer Services Hotline 1223. Otherwise, the subscribed service will be automatically renewed on a monthly basis at the aforesaid monthly fee until further notice. Each voice message can be recorded for up to 1 minute. Once the voice message is downloaded by the client, the voice message will be automatically deleted from the system. Any unread messages will be automatically deleted from the system 7 days after receiving the voice message. Downloading a voice message requires 0.12MB of data per minute and may incur data charge.
  5. Subscriber shall use the Local Service through either data network or Wi-Fi. HGC Global Communications does not guarantee, and subscriber acknowledges and agrees, that the call quality or service performance may be affected by the stability of data network or Wi-Fi connection. HGC Global Communications shall not be liable for any data charges incurred by subscribers for using data network in or outside Hong Kong. 
  6. The Local Service cannot function during power failure and is not suitable for use with lifeline devices. Before subscription to the Local Service, subscriber should declare and undertake with HGC Global Communications that the Local Service will not be used by any lifeline user and no medical alarm or other lifeline device will be connected to the Local Service. In case of breach of the above term, HGC Global Communications reserves the right to terminate the Local Service.
  7. Subscriber should provide a valid and updated contact address and email address for the registration of the Local Service. Subscriber undertakes to provide HGC Global Communications with accurate and complete information relating to his/her contact address or place of residence, so that HGC Global Communications can maintain the most up-to-date location information of the subscriber in order to fulfill the requirements of all applicable laws, regulations and licence conditions.
  8. In addition to above Offer Terms & Conditions, subscribers shall also be subject to “HelloWay / Local HelloWay Service Terms and Conditions”, the terms and policies under the sections headed General Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy under “HGC Customer Terms and Policies”. Above terms and policies are available at www.hgc.com.hk/broadband/terms​