IDD 0080/0082
IDD 0080/0082

IDD 0080/0082

HGC Global Communications owns and operates one of the most extensive fibre optic networks in Hong Kong, it is connected to the major submarine cable networks worldwide, providing you with reliable IDD service with the highest quality and clarity. Our IDD service covers over 260 countries and destinations around the world. As an "IDD0080" customer, you can enjoy exceptional and economical IDD service that keeps you in constant touch with your overseas relatives and friends. Supplementing our exceptional and economical "IDD0080" voice services, our "IDD0082" fax service offers quality and dedicated fax service to over 260 countries and destinations around the world. Rates are extremely economical and what's more, the more you use the service the greater your savings. You can also enjoy the following free value added services:

  • Security Code 
    This function restricts unauthorised access to your IDD service.​​
  • ​Account Code
    Each member of your family can have his or her own account code for individual call listing.

Dialing Procedure 


IDD Monthly Package Plan

Applicable to HGC telephone line & any mobile number for new registration
​Monthly Fee​​
​Free Minutes
(24-hr applicable
​Thereafter Charge
(24-hr applicable)


  • ​​​​​​Fixed line and Mobile:
    China, USA, Canada, Singapore​
  • Fixed Line:
    ​UK1, Australia, New Zealand, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Austria, Denmark, France, Germany, Ireland, Ita​​ly, Norway, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland

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​IDD 0088 Monthly Package Plan Terms and Conditions

  1. IDD 0080 Monthly Packa​ge Plan ("The Plan") does not apply to call/fax to UK number prefix as "4455", "4456", "447", "448" and "449". Calls / faxes to the aforesaid prefix will be charged according to the UK mobile rate. Please call us at 2180 0080 for charge details .
  2. The plan is charged on a monthly basis. When uncompleted month occurs for the 1st activation month, the package minute and monthly fee will be calculated in proportion.​
  3. If Customer terminates the Plan within the contractual perio​d (if applicable), the Customer shall be liable to pay the monthly fee for the remaining unfulfilled contract month(s).
  4. After the contractual period (if applicable), the plan will be automatically renewed until further notice. If customer wants to terminate the plan after the contractual period, the customer must provide 30 days written prior notice.​ 
  5. The Plan is applicable to IDD 0080 personal account, registers using "HGC Fixed Telephone Line" and/or mobile phone, with IDD 0080 / fax 0082 to make call or fax from Hong Kong to above stated destinations.
  6. In case Customer terminates the HGC Fixed Telephone line service, registered with The Plan or port the registered telephone number to other service provider of residential telephone line service, The Plan will be terminated automatically upon the termination of the HGC Fixed Telephone line service. The customer shall be liable to pay the monthly fee for the remaining period.
  7. Unused minutes for any month cannot be carried forward to the next month. The above offers cannot be used in conjunction with other IDD 0080 special offer.
  8. The above IDD usage time is calculated on a minute per unit and will be rounded up to the nearest minute.
  9. If customer chooses delivery of print bill, HK$10 per bill will be imposed.
  10. HGC Global Communications reserves the right to vary the charges, offer and terms and conditions of service and shall have the final decision in case of any dispute.
  11. The above service provided to you will be subject to HGC Global Communications' General and Special Terms and Conditions and personal data policies which will be revised by HGC Global Communications from time to time. Please visit website to download.​