Fibre-To-The-Home<br>Installation Fee Waiver

Installation Fee Waiver

​With the breakthrough speed of 1G Fibre-to-the-Home service, you can enjoy an internet experience that is light years ahead. 

Fibre-to-the-Home Monthly Service Plan​

​Home Broadband 1 Miniumum Subscription Period Aver​age Monthl​y Fee
After Disco​​unt 2,3
1​G​  ​36months​ $148​​

Extra Offer
  • Free hgc on air out-of-home Wi-Fi Service 100 mins in Minimum Subscription Period ​6​
  • Installation fee wavier ​7
  • ​Add $35/mth to enjoy Residential Telephone Line Service 8​

Knowing more about "1G FTTH"

  1. What is "1G Fibre-To-The-Home"?

    ​With pioneering fibre connection technology, "FTTH" connects the data exchange center directly to your home inside designated buildings, attaining up to 1Gbps throughput speed. Using FTTH technology with lower dB loss for long distance broadband connection, broadband throughput can be elevated to the 1G level with wider availability to the public.


  2. Why do I have to use "1G FTTH"?
    ​Popular applications nowadays require sharing large files like HD Videos, Computer software and hi resolution photos with an associated demand for high data throughput. "1G FTTH" can effectively elevate file transmission speed whilst supporting sharing the same connection with multiple PCs and Wi-Fi enabled* mobile phones, enabling fast and smooth broadband connection for all the family.
    ​​* you should buy your own 100Mbps/1Gbps Wi-Fi router.​

  3. What is the upload/download speed comparison of 8Mbps, 100Mbps & 1Gbps?

    ​- The calculations of above cases are based on the testing from the local server and the theoretical value

  4. What is the recommended system requirements of "1G FTTH"?
    Intel Core2 Duo P8800 
    2GB DDR2 System RAM 
    SATAII 64GB SSD harddisk (read/write speed of 200MB/s or above) 
    Windows XP or Windows 7 
    100M/1G Ethernet Card 
    Or other changeable system requirements

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