100M Superbroadband
Superbroadband<br>Installation Fee Waiver

Installation Fee Waiver

HGC Broadband provides up to 100M high speed network broadband service and is now available throughout Hong Kong . You can experience a dedicated high speed upload and download speed with our extensive optical fibre broadband network. Through our quality and stable broadband service, you can enjoy a series of value-added service and experience high speed net surfing like never before !


Superbroadband Monthly Service Plan​​​​​

​ ​Home Broadband ​1​​​​​Minimum Subscription Period​​​​​​​​​Average Monthly Fee ​After​​​ Discount 2,3​​
100M​​​​ 36months​ $119
​Extra Offer​
  • Free hgc on air out-of-home Wi-Fi Service 100 mins in Minimum Subscription Period 6
  • Installation fee waiver 7
  • ​​Add $35/mth to enjoy Residential Telephone Line Service 8

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