Code of Practice for Service Contracts

HGC Customer Terms & Policies

Implementation of Code of Practice for Telecommunications Service Contracts

HGC Global Communications highly values our customers and their satisfaction. To enhance customer satisfaction levels, HGC Global Communications has adopted the Code of Practice for Telecommunications Service Contracts prepared by the telecommunications industry under the auspices of Communications Association of Hong Kong (CAHK) on 1 May 2015. For details of the Code of Practice, please refer to the website of CAHK at
HGC Global Communications​​ will use our reasonable endeavours to follow the practices stated in this Code of Practice to enhance our service quality for our customers. For any further enquiry, please visit our website at or call ​HGC Broadband Customer Hotline 1223.

Please note that the terms of existing contracts with customers are not affected by the implementation of the Code of Practice.​